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Mississippi College School of Law

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Mississippi College School of Law
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Established 1930
School type Private non-profit
Endowment $437 million
Dean Jim Rosenblatt
Location Jackson, MS, US
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Mississippi College School of Law is located in Jackson, MS

The Mississippi College School of Law is located in downtown Jackson, Mississippi. The law school started out as the Jackson School of Law in 1930, but was acquired by Mississippi College in 1975. The main campus of Mississippi College is located in Clinton, Mississippi.

The new $2 million dollar addition was completed in the Summer of 2005.

In December 2005, the school completed a massive renovation and construction project. A new classroom building was added along with an auditorium building. The original classroom building was renovated.

The 2005 entering class had an enrollment of 199, with an LSAT median of 152 and a median GPA of 3.2. The average age at enrollment is 25, though the age range was 21-48. 78 colleges and universities are represented, along with 20 states, and 32 majors.

In addition to offering courses in common law, Mississippi College School of Law also offers a certificate in Louisiana Civil Law, which prepares the recipient for practice in the state of Louisiana by offering courses such as Successions and Donations, Obligations, Louisiana Civil Procedure, and Civil Law Property. MCSOL is one of the only law schools to offer Civil Law training in addition to its Common Law curriculum.

2006 Entering Class

  • Enrollment : 196
  • LSAT Median : 150
  • GPA Median : 3.3
  • Average Age  : 24
  • Age Range : 21-46
  • Women : 41%
  • Minorities : 10%
  • Colleges Represented : 76
  • States Represented : 21
  • Majors Represented : 32

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