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Template:Infobox Law School

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This template is to insert in law school pages and provide basic information at a glance.


Copy and paste the text from the box below into the top of a law school article. Fill in the data to the right of the equals sign.

{{Infobox Law School
| nickname                    = 
| image                       = 
| motto                       = 
| parent                      = 
| established                 = 
| type                        = 
| endowment                   = 
| dean                        = 
| street_address              =
| city                        = 
| state                       = 
| country                     = 
| full_time_students          = 
| part_time_students          = 
| full_time_faculty           = 
| adjunct_faculty             = 
| ranking                     = 
| tier                        = 
| bar_pass_rate               = 
| lsat_75_percentile          = 
| median_lsat                 = 
| lsat_25_percentile          = 
| gpa_75_percentile           = 
| median_gpa                  = 
| gpa_25_percentile           = 
| underemployment_score       = 
| library                     = 
| subsidized_annual_tuition   = 
| unsubsidized_annual_tuition = 
| tuition_subsidy_basis       = 
| website                     = 
| aba_profile                 = 

Description of fields

Field Description
nickname The school's nickname, for use to identify Class-Specific Outlines. See Law School Nicknames for a list of the school nicknames. If the nickname listed there is not the best, please mention it in the project talk page and attempt to correct it throughout. Changing a school nickname from what is currently listed should not be taken lightly because every single outline will need to be moved to reflect the change!
image If an identifying image (for example, a logo) can be found, include it in this parameter, like this: [[Image:Example.jpg]]. If the image is much wider than 200px, please limit it like this: [[Image:Example.jpg|200px]].
motto Optional motto for the school. Will appear as the first element (beneath the image).
parent Parent college or university, optional.
established Year of establishment.
type Type of school. E.g. public, private, etc.
endowment School endowment (rounded, in millions).
dean The current dean of the school.
street_address The street address of the school (combine multiple lines into a single line; don't include city, state, or zip).
city The city the school is located in.
state If the country has states, indicate the state here. If the country doesn't have states, simply leave it out.
country The country the school is located in.
full_time_students Current number of full-time students. Can be approximated to avoid unnecessary detail.
part_time_students Current number of students. Can be approximated to avoid unnecessary detail.
full_time_faculty Current number of full-time scholarly staff employed by the school.
adjunct_faculty Current number of adjunct/part-time scholarly staff employed by the school.
ranking Current ranking in the U.S. News & World Report ranking.
tier For third and fourth tier schools, the tier (alternative to the ranking). Number only.
bar_pass_rate The most recent bar pass rate for first time takers in whole number percentages. Use LSAC/ABA data for ABA schools, Alabama State Bar data for Alabama non-ABA schools, and California State Bar data for California non-ABA schools.
lsat_75_percentile 75 percentile LSAT scores for incoming students
median_lsat Median LSAT scores for incoming students
lsat_25_percentile 25 percentile LSAT scores for incoming students
gpa_75_percentile 75 percentile undergraduate GPA for incoming students
median_gpa Median undergraduate undergraduate GPA for incoming students
gpa_25_percentile 25 percentile undergraduate GPA for incoming students
underemployment_score The Law School Transparency Under Employment Score (see Law School Transparency)
library Number of volumes and volume equivalents in the school's law library
subsidized_annual_tuition If the school offers a reduced/subsidized tuition (e.g. in-state tuition), indicate the annual subsidized tuition amount.
unsubsidized_annual_tuition Indicate the annual unsubsidized (out-of-state/full amount) tuition amount.
tuition_subsidy_basis If the school offers discounted tuition, indicate the basis for that discount (e.g. "state residency" or "religious affiliation").
website URL of the law school's website.
aba_profile Optional link to LSAC ABA profile for school (go to and find the school's profile page--use that link for this information field. It should appear like the following URL: DO NOT use the link "ABA Law School Data" for this table (even though the useful data is there) as that link is not static and will not lead the next person to the same page).