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Template:Infobox Text-Specific Outline

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This template is for text-specific outlines to provide basic information at a glance.


{{Infobox Text-Specific Outline
| subject         = 
| authors         =
| text            =
| professor       = 
| school          = 
| related         = 

Description of fields

Field Description
subject The name of the subject matter covered by the outline.
authors The author(s) of the text. If multiple, separate by asterisk.
text The textbook. Enter the title of the book, author last names, and edition number or the ASIN code (Amazon Standard Identification Number).
professor The name of any professors teaching the class. If multiple, separate by asterisk.
school The name of any schools where the text is used to teach this class. If multiple, separate by asterisk.
related Any related or pre-required courses. If multiple, separate by comma.