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Wiki Law School is: open and free collaborative outlines, case briefs, treatises, and more created for and by law students and legal professionals.
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Case Briefs
If a case is important enough to be talked about in any law school course, it should be here.
Legal outlines covering every topic taught in law school, including specific outlines for each professor.
All-encompassing expositions in each subject area of the law. Directed to the law student or practitioner.
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Manual of Legal Citation
Community edited manual of the uniform system of legal citation
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Law Schools
Articles describing each law school with information of interest to prospective, current, and former law students.
Law Firms
Salary information, prominent firm members, and other interesting information about law firms.
Law Professors
Law professor directory with pages about all law professors.
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Data Visualizations
Interesting ways to view the data within Wiki Law School.

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