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What is Wiki Law School?

Is Wiki Law School a wiki about law schools or a wiki that is a law school? Yes! You can use Wiki Law School to learn the law or learn about law schools--and a lot more.

For learning materials, check out our open source materials:

Learn about law schools, professors, bar exams, and law firms:

Who is Wiki Law School for?

Wiki Law School was created to provide a forum for law students to create and edit study outlines for any legal topic. From there, it expanded to include many other types of pages. It has become a place where law students, law school professors, attorneys, judges, and everybody else interested in the law can contribute and learn.

We hope that all will feel welcome to contribute and gain the benefits of increased understanding from participating in the writing and editing process.

What does Wiki Law School include?

From its origin as an outline dump, Wiki Law School expanded to include case briefs, law school articles, law professor articles, bar examination articles, legal treatises, and more.

These articles will increase in number and scope as people contribute to them, so check back often. Better yet, please help Wiki Law School grow by adding or fixing articles wherever you see the need.

How can I use Wiki Law School?

If you want to learn the basic mechanics of using Wiki Law School, check out our Help Pages.

To find different resources on Wiki Law School, use the navigation pane on the left sidebar (if you're on mobile, tap the down arrow in the upper-left corner of your screen). You can also use the search bar to find specific pages or categories.

Where can I get more information?

For questions, suggestions, or comments, please use the talk pages or contact us at

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