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The treatises on Wiki Law School are all-encompassing formal expositions of the named subject area of the law. Each treatise is broken down by subject matter into multiple pages all accessible from the treatise's table of contents.

As a secondary source, each treatise must rely on primary sources (statues, rules, and caselaw). Indeed, the most effective use of a treatise may be as an easy way for readers to find the most relevant primary source. The treatises should be replete with links to case briefs and summaries of other primary sources.

The treatises should include a general introduction to the subject matter and definitions of any relevant terms.

These treatises will never be complete, for at least two reasons:

  • The law is always changing and the treatise should reflect current law and
  • Due to the large scope of the subject matter, there will always be some improvement wanting somewhere.

The treatises on Wiki Law School are not a substitute for law school outlines, as the treatises should be much more in-depth than a law school outline.

List of Treatises