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The aim of the Law Schools Project is to create an article for each law school in the U.S. and Canada, providing information that is important and interesting to would-be and current law students. We currently have 234 law school articles in Wiki Law School. The articles were initially imported from Wikipedia and we are in the process of adding information relevant to our specific audience.

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Map of all law schools having location data entered in the wiki

Structured Data

Because this wiki uses Semantic MediaWiki and its helper extensions, the data entered into the law school infoboxes can be stored, queried, and displayed in interesting and useful ways. This map is an example--it is dynamically generated by collecting location data from each law school's page on this wiki. By adding to this wiki's data (primarily by filling in infoboxes on the law school pages, professor pages, outlines, and your user page), you can increase the relevance and usefulness of this data collection.

How Can I Help?

The work needed for the law school articles can be divided into two main components:

  • Infobox information and
  • Content

Infobox Information

Each law school article should have an infobox at the top. (See University of Virginia School of Law, for example.) The infobox provides basic at-a-glance type data specific to the law school. Right now, only a handful of the law school articles use the correct infobox template, and hardly any of them have all the information filled out.

You can go to your school page by following the link from the list below. If you don't see your law school in the list, you can create a page. If there is already a page for your school, you can edit it.

This category uses the form Law School. The law school infobox is easy to edit by filling out this form:

  1. Go to the page for your law school.
  2. Click the edit with form at the top of the page.
  3. Fill in the data form fields. Much of the information can be retrieved from the LSAC website, specifically here.
  4. The template page has brief descriptions of each data field, so if you aren't clear on usage, consult with the "Description of Fields" table.
  5. Click "Show Preview" at the bottom of the editing window, and if it looks okay, click "Save page."

That's it! From time to time, as information in the infobox becomes a little stale, please freshen up the data--for example, when your school gets a new dean, please replace that field with the name of the new dean.


The law school articles were initially written for a broad audience, so we need to change the content to be geared to the target audience (pre-law, law students, attorneys, etc.). Anticipated content includes:

  • description of student life
  • strengths and weaknesses of the school
  • employment prospects
  • good quality photographs of the law schools, classrooms, etc.

Everybody should feel free to start contributing without worrying too much about if it's good enough or not. If you want to discuss issues related to that specific law school article, use the talk page for that article. For discussions related to the articles generally, such as what you think the formatting and content should be, use the Project talk page and attempt to form a consensus.

The articles should remain objective and neutral.

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