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Paul Hastings

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Paul Hastings
Paul Hastings logo.png
Headquarters Washington (DC)
Number of Offices 21
Number of attorneys 963
Practice Areas General practice
Key People Seth M. Zachary Greg Nitzkowski Managing Partner (?)
Paul Hastings Pay Scale
(all numbers in thousands of dollars)
First year salary180
Second year salary190
Third year salary210
Fourth year salary235
Fifth year salary
Sixth year salary280
Seventh year salary300
Eighth year salary315
Ninth year salary
Tenth year salary

Template:Coi Template:For Paul Hastings LLP, formerly known as Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP, is an international law firm with 21 offices worldwide. Paul Hastings serves a diverse client base that includes many of the top financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies.[1] It is one of the largest law firms in the United States, with over $1 billion of revenue in 2015.[2]


The Paul Hastings Tower in Los Angeles

Paul Hastings' first office was founded in Los Angeles in 1951 by Lee Paul, Robert Hastings, and Leonard Janofsky.

The firm's expansion beyond Los Angeles was part of the founders' vision for the firm. In 1974, Paul Hastings first ventured outside of Los Angeles to nearby Orange County, California. From there, the firm continued to expand its size and geographic reach to better meet the needs of clients. In the 1970s, Paul Hastings began moving into the Asia-Pacific region, gaining a foothold by helping Japanese clients set up US operations, distribution, and joint ventures. In the following decade, the firm opened its Tokyo office, performing M&A and financing work for clients in the region as well as picking up new Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese clients.


Paul Hastings ranked 1st two years in a row in The American LawyerTemplate:-'s 2014 and 2015 A-List of the 20 most successful law firms in America.[3] The firm was also ranked 2nd overall in a list of the top 40 most innovative law firms in the Financial TimesTemplate:-' US Innovative Lawyers 2013 report.[4] Paul Hastings has grown to become one of only two US firms founded after 1950 to reach the top 15 in the US. The firm was recognized by Law360 as a Pro Bono Firm of the Year in 2013 and ranked 1st in the 2013 AmLaw Associate Tech Survey. Paul Hastings also ranked first as the Overall Best Firm to Work For by[5]

Paul Hastings was one of the first US firms in Asia, and today maintains offices in Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul, and Tokyo. Additionally, Paul Hastings has a strong presence in Europe, with offices in key locations such as Brussels, Frankfurt, London, Milan, and Paris. The European practice advises clients across the continent on matters of French, German, Italian, UK, US, and EU law and regulation.

One of the firm's major practice areas is acting as designated lender counsel in private equity buyouts.[6]

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  • The Paul Hastings HQ building can be seen in the bird's eye view shown for Los Angeles in almost every episode of the TV series Alias. The LA office is also shown in the films Transformers, End of Watch, and Obsessed.


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