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Suffolk University Law School

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Suffolk University Law School
Motto “Honestas et Diligentia"
Established 1906
Dean David Sargent
Location Boston, MA, US
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Suffolk University Law School is located in Boston, MA

Sargent Hall

Suffolk University Law School is a private law school in downtown Boston, Massachusetts, United States. The fourth oldest law school in New England in continuous existence (after only Harvard, Yale, and BU), Suffolk was founded in 1906 by Gleason Archer, Sr. to provide a legal education for those who traditionally lacked the opportunity to study law because of socio-economic or racial discrimination. Suffolk has been co-educational since 1937.

The law school currently has both day and evening (part-time) divisions. The school is located in the newly built Sargent Hall on Tremont Street in downtown Boston. There are over 200 upper level electives offered at the law school, and the school is consistently ranked one of the most technologically advanced schools in the nation while being ranked in the third tier overall for law schools within the U.S. [1][2] Admission to Suffolk is somewhat competitive. In 2005, 43% of applicants were admitted to the law school.[3] Suffolk regularly publishes several law reviews, to which students, faculty, and other scholars contribute. The school is featured annually in the Princeton Review and U.S. News & World Report rankings. Suffolk has attracted notable scholars and prominent speakers ranging from John F. Kennedy to William Rehnquist to Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Suffolk University alumni are found in high level judicial, political, and private positions throughout the United States. With nearly 17,000 alumni, Suffolk is one of the largest law schools in the Northeast.


In 2005 the median GPA for incoming Suffolk Law students was 3.30, and the median LSAT score was 157. The admission rate for 2005 was 43%. A breakdown of the various degree programs reveals that for certain programs the selectivity can dramatically increase,such as the LL.M. program.[4]


File:Suffolk Law.JPG
Suffolk in the early twentieth century, featuring a neon sign on the roof

In addition to J.D. and LL.M., Suffolk University Law School offers joint degrees with Suffolk's Sawyer Business School (J.D./M.B.A., J.D./M.S.F., J.D./M.P.A.), and the Suffolk University College of Arts and Sciences (J.D./M.S.C.J., J.D./M.S.I.E.).[5]

Suffolk Law also offers a program abroad: the Semester in Sweden Program with Lund University, a university where Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg conducted research for her book on Swedish Law in the 1960s.[1]

Speakers also frequently attend the law school. Past speakers have included supreme court justices, federal appellate court judges and famous scholars of law.


In a new building opened in 1999, the Law Library is located on the Suffolk University Law School campus in Boston, Massachusetts and contains approximately 500,000 volumes covering all major areas of American law and primary legal materials from the federal government, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United Nations, and the European Union. The library also features a substantial treatise and periodical collection and a growing collection of international and comparative law material.[6]

In addition, Suffolk University Law students are encouraged by the University to enjoy the other graduate and undergraduate libraries of Suffolk University.

Law Review publications

Suffolk University Law School maintains four student-run publications. The Suffolk University Law Review is the oldest scholarly publication at the law school. Suffolk's Journal of High Technology Law focuses on providing research articles on issues of copyright, trademark and patent law. The Suffolk Transnational Law Review is one of approximately 30 law reviews in the United States that focus on international legal issues. Also, the Journal of Health and Biomedical Law focuses on cutting edge legal developments in the health fields.[7]

Suffolk Law School in literature, film and culture

Prominent alumni

Marty Meehan, Class of 1983, U.S. Congressman, Chancellor of UMASS, Lowell
James Bamford, Class of 1975, Bestselling author

Prominent faculty and trustees

Honorary degree recipients and speakers


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